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While any girl playing ice hockey is a truly great thing, this site was created to celebrate the successes (and point out the challenges) of girls playing hockey on co-ed teams. Notice I didn’t say “boys’” teams? If there’s a girl on a team, it’s co-ed, plain and simple (despite what my oldest daughter’s former head coach said).

Mites, Squirts, Peewees, Bantams, or whatever the levels are called in Canada, these are places for girls to shine, build confidence, learn to get along with the so-called opposite sex and play the great game of hockey. The fact that they’re playing on a co-ed team generally means they’re talented, thick-skinned, coachable and love the game. Why wouldn’t a coach want them on their team and why wouldn’t a boy want them for a teammate?

This site is a place to share news about issues related to girls playing hockey, offer feedback and advice, and celebrate girls playing this great sport.

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